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La Wire - Top 10 Real Estate Of 2021 

Buying a property goes beyond seeing what you like, shelling the cash and signing the paperwork. Some leading realtors have likened the process of buying a property of any kind, most importantly, a house, as one of the most particularly refreshing periods in every human’s life. 

However, very few real estate agents hold sacred the concept of helping individuals and families buy their dream homes and ensuring that a relationship based on trust and service delivery has been built. 

Therefore, before you go on a buying spree, get to know some of the Real Estate Agents and in this list, we present to you the best Real Estate Agents in the United States, 2021.


She began her journey into real estate at the age of 22 when her father passed away. Now, at 24 years old, Real Estate Rhonda has become a senior at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. She has put a lot of time and effort into educating herself in real estate and in different areas so she could help people from vastly different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Morad now has all his focus and energy in maintaining his reputation as one of the top realtors, not only in Houston but across the world. He attributes his success to his hard work, exceptional customer service, and dedication to help individuals find their dream homes, no matter how impossible it is. The Houston real estate market can be the most difficult, but Morad always finds a way to make it all possible, effortlessly. His journey to success remains an inspiration to many realtors in Houston and beyond. The way he doesn’t stick to the norms and still able to sell and close millions worth of real estate remain unmatched in the industry.


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